Saturday, April 10, 2010

Margaret Loves Bears!

Okay, we all know that, as a staunch advocate for the LGBT community, Margaret Cho loves all gays. But she has a particular affinity for bears, the fuller-figured, less-likely to be waxed or plucked, flannel-wearing section of the gay male population.

A few years ago, Margaret began a foray into music, proclaiming, "If Madonna can learn to play the guitar, so can I!" As part of her recently realized musician status, she befriended Jill Sobule, best known for "I Kissed A Girl" -- long before Katy Perry recorded a song by the same name.

Margaret has also been directing music videos for artists she admires. Her latest directorial effort is "The Bear Song" by Pixie Herculon (aka Jill Sobule with a cameo by Margaret herself).

Check out the video! It's a hoot! And please purchase the song on iTunes or Amazon! Spread the word!

And while you're buying music, check out Margaret's dance jam "I Cho Am A Woman."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Margaret Making The Rounds!

Margaret's in New York plugging the upcoming premiere of Drop Dead Diva! Today, she hits MTV's "It's On with Alexa Chung" at noon Eastern, then tomorrow she hangs with the gals on "The View."

Also, new tour dates have been announced on the newly redesigned Join her mailing list to get the password for fan pre-sales on sale today!

Here's a clip of our "Drop Dead Diva" talking about her role as Teri:

Friday, July 3, 2009

July is Margaret month!

Okay, so we know that Drop Dead Diva, the new Lifetime series starring the fabulous Miss Cho, premieres July 12. That's just 9 days, folks! If that weren't enough...

Beautiful, Margaret's latest concert film, makes its debut on Showtime tonight at 11pm! That's 8pm for us DirecTV peeps. I was there when this performance was filmed last October in Long Beach, California. So it will be extra exciting to see!

AND... Showtime has a free preview going this weekend on DirecTV! So there's no reason not to watch! For a teaser of Beautiful (and we know Margaret loves to tease), watch this!