Sunday, December 7, 2008

Margaret Marathon on LOGO Today!

Enjoying your Sunday? Good! Looking for something to watch? If you missed any of The Cho Show, LOGO is airing all 7 episodes today! Relive all the fun and all the shenanigans with Margaret, Mr. and Mrs. Cho, Selene Luna and the gang starting at 3:30pm Pacific.

Following The Cho Show marathon, at 7pm Pacific, you can catch the movie Bam Bam & Celeste. Margaret wrote, directed and stars in this film, along with Bruce Daniels, Alan Cumming, Kathy Najimi and Wilson Cruz. Margaret calls it a "fag and faghag version of Dumb & Dumber."

That's 5 1/2 hours of Margaret! They should do that more often!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks Margaret!!

Yesterday was an awesome day! I stayed up really late Thursday night writing a special blog in honor of Margaret's birthday and it really paid off! Margaret thanked me on her blog, which is posted on her site as well as myspace. Check out what she said about me here!

Needless to say, I was beside myself, as my friend Jamie put it. Margaret's acknowledgment made my week!

One thing I have come to appreciate recently is that Margaret really nurtures talent in her fellow performers. When asked if she wants kids in the October/November issue of BUST, Margaret eschews the idea, saying "I have a tendency to adopt young people, like comedians and friends and such, so I sorta already have kids. Like, a lot of kids. It all works out."

In the same interview, Margaret explains why there are so many more gay men at her shows than straight women. "I think the gay guys get the tickets first! They're willing to be on hold longer!" Ain't that the truth?!

For more great Cho-isms on a variety of topics, check out Margaret Cho: Evil Slut? which was also done as a birthday tribute.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday, Margaret Cho!

From Blake & Margaret

Early 1993. It's 11:00pm on a school night. VHS tapes are flying!

I've turned on The Arsenio Hall Show, as I always do, to see who the guests will be. Tonight, the name "Margaret Choooooooo" rings out. (Arsenio was extending his vowels LONG before Oprah started doing it!)

I think I've seen her before. This chick is damn funny! The clock is ticking. I have to find a video tape I can record over before Margaret walks out. There's no YouTube or yet. If I don't record this appearance, I may never see it again!

With mere seconds to spare, the sacrificial tape is found. I hit RECORD on the VCR and sit back to enjoy the performance.

"How do you like my disco jumpsuit?" Margaret asks in a valley girl accent. Her curled hair bounces as she throws her arm up in a 70s dance pose. I laugh violently for five straight (well...) minutes.

Omigod! I want her to be my friend! At 18, I haven't related to a performer like this before. Sure, Dolly Parton and the Mandrell Sisters fascinated me as a child. And yes, Madonna provided the soundtrack to my teenage years. But never before have I felt this connection. If she went to my school, Margaret Cho and I would be eating lunch together with the other less-popular kids.

That night changed my life. Margaret talked about the music she loved. She told stories about her gay friend. She was fun! "She gets me," I thought.

I just had to see this gal in person! My dad braved "Hollyweird" to take me to a taping of All-American Girl. (It turned out to be the last episode.) I made my own CHO shirts before they sold such a thing. And of course I was there when Margaret came to Fresno, giving her a Charlie's Angels lunchbox!

From Blake & Margaret

My best friend/pseudo-sister Racheal and I trekked to the Irvine Improv time and again to see Margaret's stand-up. We chatted her up in the back of the club, getting autographs and taking pictures with her. We even paid to see the early AND late shows!

From Blake & Margaret

If you ever doubt the impact a comic can have on someone's life, look no further than Margaret Cho. She's never too busy to sign an autograph or pose for a photo. She's always there with kind words and a friendly smile. She's a tireless crusader for equal rights--not only for the gay community, but for anyone who is marginalized. She's there laughing with us through the good times and crying with us through the bad.

Here's Margaret laughing with us in Prop 8: The Musical, rockin' the hot pink tank top in all her tatted glory!

See more Jack Black videos at Funny or Die

I love you, Margaret. Happy, Happy Birthday! Thank you, and keep on rockin'!