Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lifetime & Swine Flu & Miss Cali OH MY!!

In the words of Margaret's mom, Mrs. Cho, "This is so exciting! Whole my body is jumping!!"

We have something to look forward to: Margaret's new show Drop Dead Diva premieres July 12!

Not only does Lifetime have Margaret's return to series TV (take 2) in DDD, it also has the long-awaited sixth season of Project Runway. Lifetime=The Place To Be, Summer 2009!

Margaret tells all in this GREAT interview from Super cute Reggie Aqui (Margaret dubs him Asian-Adjacent) seems like he's chatting with an old pal.

Margaret dishes on her upcoming show, her budding music career and swine flu! She also shares her thoughts on Miss California. If you know anything about Margaret, you surely know her stance!

Gettin Wet!

Check out Margaret "Gettin Wet With Sara Benincasa."  She talks about her mom, her music and more.  She also does her Cyndi Lauper impression, which is hilarious and just effing awesome!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Margaret Song Download!

My GayVN Awards blog entry is coming soon, but in the meantime...

Go here to watch Margaret's live performance of her song "Eat Shit And Die." Also, if you sign up (enter your email address) for Cho updates, you will get a FREE mp3 download of the song! Margaret is working on "Guitarded," an album of comedy songs to be released in 2010.