Monday, August 25, 2008

Forever Your... Girls?

If you thought Paula Abdul's multiple personalities were crowding the judges' table on American Idol, just wait until January! According to producers, there will be another judge to contend with when the new season begins.

Grammy-nominated songwriter Kara DioGuardi (I hadn't heard of her either) will be the fourth critic added to the mix. With her long list of credits, it sounds like she might be the next Diane Warren.

I have to wonder what this will do to the judging. With three judges, there was always a sense of "majority rules" with the reviews. An extra judge will definitely cause some ties, so viewers might have to (Gasp!) think for themselves!

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WWEBEAR said...

I dont know if i think this is a great idea or not! I really love paula being the only female diva at the judges table. i hope another female wont ruin it for me. Im still mixed on the idea! p.s. thanks for the e mail!