Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanks Margaret!!

Yesterday was an awesome day! I stayed up really late Thursday night writing a special blog in honor of Margaret's birthday and it really paid off! Margaret thanked me on her blog, which is posted on her site as well as myspace. Check out what she said about me here!

Needless to say, I was beside myself, as my friend Jamie put it. Margaret's acknowledgment made my week!

One thing I have come to appreciate recently is that Margaret really nurtures talent in her fellow performers. When asked if she wants kids in the October/November issue of BUST, Margaret eschews the idea, saying "I have a tendency to adopt young people, like comedians and friends and such, so I sorta already have kids. Like, a lot of kids. It all works out."

In the same interview, Margaret explains why there are so many more gay men at her shows than straight women. "I think the gay guys get the tickets first! They're willing to be on hold longer!" Ain't that the truth?!

For more great Cho-isms on a variety of topics, check out Margaret Cho: Evil Slut? which was also done as a birthday tribute.