Friday, October 31, 2008

Margaret Cho in Long Beach

From Margaret in Long Beach
Famous faces! Cameras swirling! No on Prop 8 signs aplenty! And this wasn't a political event! Saturday night, Margaret Cho tore it up at the Long Beach Terrace Theatre with "Beautiful," her latest show.

I made the pilgrimage for some ritual Cho worship with my friend Dan Holguin, a talented singer/songwriter. Before the show even started, we greeted the always gorgeous Selene Luna of The Cho Show in the lobby. (Later, she told us about her upcoming slasher flick, My Bloody Valentine.)
From Margaret in Long Beach
Liam Sullivan opened the show, performing as his characters Kelly and Susan. The best part was his freaky sex therapist skit, complete with John Denver references, which was presented on the video screen. ("Eeew! Uuugh!")

After an intermission, Margaret lit up the stage with a riff on Sarah Palin and the requisite Mommy impressions. She had the audience roaring with hilarious tales of her very NC-17 sexual escapades.

To add to the excitement, this performance was filmed to be Margaret's next concert DVD. No on Prop 8 signs & stickers were passed out, and at the end of the show, Margaret urged everyone to vote No.

In the green room after the show, Margaret graciously posed for pictures with many admirers while her film crew's cameras rolled. We chatted with Bruce Daniels (photo below), who opened for Margaret on her Revolution tour.
From Margaret in Long Beach
We also gabbed with Ian Harvie, host of the monthly Ian Harvie Show at Largo, and his sweet girlfriend Sarah.
From Margaret in Long Beach
It was a wonderful night filled with friends and laughter, which really is therapeutic. I can't wait to do it again!

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