Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last Week of The Cho Show!

I can't believe The Cho Show is winding up already. There are only two new episodes left, and they both air this Thursday night!

I remember when I first heard about All-American Girl in 1994. I was so excited that Margaret would have her own sitcom! Before the internet and things like YouTube were so accessible, it was thrilling that my gal was going to have a weekly gig in homes across America via network TV. As it turned out, AAG was a sanitized, Disney-ized version of the irreverent comic performer. The Cho Show is much truer to who Margaret is. She's at her best with her fun-loving, no-holds-barred comedy. Here's an extended version of her stand-up from episode one:

But just as the show is establishing itself and getting into a groove, the first season is ending. At just seven episodes, it was simply not enough! Hopefully VH1 will give Margaret, Selene and the Glam Squad another season. Check out this hilarious extended scene where the gang discusses how Mr. & Mrs. Cho believe that Selene Luna is born of Margaret:

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