Thursday, September 11, 2008

Reality Overload

Recently, my friend Dawn told me I remind her of Suede from the current season of Project Runway. I replied, "When Blake talks about himself in the third person, Blake tries to make sure no one else is around!" Blake doesn't have a blue fauxhawk either, but that's another story!

Project Runway is just one of the many reality shows I've been watching lately. Aside from Big Brother, which ends next week, my recent selection involves lots of fashion and design-based shows. I stumbled onto Glam God with Vivica A. (don't forget the A!) Fox because it's part of VH1's "FAB GLAM CHO" Thursday nights. Glam God is like Project Runway for stylists. They start with existing gowns or ensembles and embellish with jewels, handbags, shoes and other accessories. And like any good reality show, there are plenty of gays, but don't judge this book by its cover:

Then there's Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project, featuring... you guessed it! Celebrity stylist extraordinaire Rachel Zoe. When the big names in Hollywood need to be perfectly put together for red carpet events, they call Rachel. And in true diva style, she's got her assistants/sidekicks. Let the catfights begin!

Finally, in the vein of HGTV's Design Star (Helloooo David Bromstad!) is Top Design, also on Bravo. Like Design Star, Top Design features a slew of interior designers trying to make it big. One of this season's contestants is a woman who wants to be known as more than just Mrs. Rick(y) Schroder. Right away, her roommate sees her wedding photo (a profile shot) and says, "Your husband looks like Ricky Schroder!" So much for that!

In a funny coincidence, my Hotties 2 Watch on Glam God and Top Design are both named Preston. Check out Top Design's Preston here!

Of course, today is Thursday, and that means The Cho Show is on tonight. Since I know you already watch that, check out Glam God while you're at it. You can watch FULL EPISODES, see bonus scenes, interviews, and get all the scoop on both shows at!

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C. Tab Revilla said...

I love your blog about all the "reality t.v." shows on the tube at the moment. (I already knew you were a great fan of "Big Brother.")

It seems like you have been au courant about the entertainment industry for heaps of years! That is really cool.

I do not watch much these days myself actually, so perhaps you can be my vicarious thrill! Couldn't pick a better fellow! I want you to write a blog about these UNLIKELY but AMAZING young British women singing pop/blues- you know, Duffy, Adele, etc. And yes, I still LOVE Grammy winner Amy Winehouse.
Your bud in Virginia,