Thursday, September 25, 2008

Margaret's Va-Jay-Jay Is Haunted!

Tonight's the SEASON FINALE of The Cho Show!! Two episodes, back to back!

In the first episode, Margaret believes she's haunted from the inside out and that it's the source of her writer's block! Watch her vaginal exorcism!

The second episode features Margaret in San Francisco, her hometown, where mayor Gavin Newsom declares it Margaret Cho Day. Make tonight count and watch both episodes!

For a rockin' good time, download "I Cho Am A Woman" if you haven't done so yet. I prefer Amazon for downloading music, but it's also on iTunes and Rhapsody.

Also, the soundtrack to Sordid Lives: The Series is now available on iTunes. It features six great songs by Olivia Newton-John, including "You Look Like A Dick To Me." (Scroll down for the video.)

1 comment:

Jamie T said...

Thank gawd for Margaret Cho! She had me laughing by myself and might have peed my pants just a little. Love the blog and the feeds are my entertainment reminders! Please don't stop cuz then I won't remember to watch!