Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sandra Bernhard Meets The Chos!

Last March, my friend Racheal and I caught Margaret Cho's Beautiful show at the gorgeous Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. Since I'm such a celebriphile, you can imagine my delight when I saw comedienne & vocalist Sandra Bernhard three rows in front of me. Then I noticed Mr. & Mrs. Cho on the other side of the center aisle. As great as the show is, I was a bit distracted. I watched Sandra to see what she laughed at. I watched the Chos for their reactions. And when Margaret riffed on her parents, I watched Sandra watching them!

Of course, the VH1 cameras were there to capture it all. The meeting of this fab foursome was just one scene that didn't make it into last week's episode, but you can check it out here:

In hopes of having a hit single, or just another creative outlet, Margaret hit LA's Record Plant recording studio with producer Desmond Child. He produced "We All Sleep Alone," "Bang Bang," "Just Like Jesse James" and other songs for Cher. Of course, he's worked with many other artists, but never mind them!

Cher's vocal stylings are instantly recognizable and absolutely unforgettable. Clearly Margaret felt the same, as Desmond had to admonish her not to sing "as Cher." I find the recording industry fascinating, so it was interesting to see the work that goes into recording a song. Watch Margaret take a stab at it:

Oh yeah, Margaret and Selene Luna made a mock sex tape too! You can watch the whole hilarious episode on (They should really be paying me for this!) And if that's not enough Margaret, check out Perez Hilton's iChat with her.

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